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The goal of the floranta project is to support the following use cases.

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Bookmark Cards

Bookmarks traditionally have too little context. Looking at the bookmarks in a tree is awefully difficult because the info is too dense. You most probably won't remember where an old link leads to. So, the solution is to use some information that reminds you of its contents before you click on it. So, you might like to leave a short description of the page, or a picture, on the bookmark.

You can see an example in the 'linguistics' project on http://www.floranta.com. That is an example of a study aid project. It allows the user to keep research work in an easily accessible place.

I am trying to create a script to take a browser bookmarks export file, and parse the links, discover suitable images in the pages pointed to.. to use as context, or pull out a short descriptive piece of text.. maybe the first para.. and make it a note.

Rich Client Wiki

A wiki is a web interface that contains its own content editing and layout functionality. A rich client wiki is one that allows editing and layout at the widget level. Each card is a 'widget' and can be positioned and edited independent of other cards and cards.

A page with widgets (cards) created and positioned using a rich wiki can be frozen and displayed as a composite image like this one below.

Planning Games for eXtreme Programming

The size of the user stories for the iteration is displayed at the top left of the board. Index cards can be dragged around, deleted, created by any team member who has logged in.

Using the Java interface shown below:


  1. XP Planning

    Floranta can be used to collaborate on the planning game online in real time. Get your own index card file.

  2. Cartoon Collages

    Create web art by piecing together pictures. Here is an example.

  3. Easy Integration

    Floranta can be used as an integration tool, protecting investments in non-collaborative technologies.

    It also demonstrates the use of the floranta shop-window. If you walked into the bakery down the street, you would speak to the shop-keeper, listen to other customers doing so and be heard by them. The Floranta shop window is designed to reproduce the physical shopping experience at an online store.

  4. Skin Builder

    Create skins for chat clients here.

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